8 Days Until Dev Bootcamp

I decided I am going to keep a blog throughout my time at Dev Bootcamp (DBC for the rest of my posts). I’ve never kept an online blog before, and honestly never had an interest to, however DBC stresses the importance of having one to reflect on your progress throughout the program. What really got me interested in starting one was after reading through a few of the other student’s blogs, and finding what they were writing about extremely helpful in getting a better understanding for what I was getting myself into. Because of this I want to share this transition into software development with others who are looking to join DBC or make the change one way or another.

The goal of this blog is to give others who are interested in this program, as well as those still in Phase 0, a way to get an insider’s peek on the day to day activities and what to expect before they come in. I know before I was applying I was trying to find any information I could on what the ‘day-in-the-life’ of a DBC student was like, so this will hopefully provide answers to a few of those questions.

One decision I made right away was that I didn’t want to use a standard blog website for this project as I would like to practice HTML/CSS while keeping up with this. It may not look as presentable as it would’ve if I used one of these sites, but really I wouldn’t be learning much using them. I will continue to update the quality as I come across new skills.

So what is DBC?

Their website describes it as, “…an educational experience designed for the future. we focus on hands-on learning over old-school lectures.”
It is essentially a 21 week intense course to ramp up students as professional web developers. The first 12 weeks are spent online, as a prep period, and the following 9 weeks are full time with your respective cohort. The focus is on Ruby/Rails however we will be also covering several other languages including JavaScript, jQuery, HTML & CSS, git/Github, and more.

A few quick bits of information about me to get a better idea on where I am coming from:

  • I had very little coding experience before coming into DBC. I had touched upon VBA, and could write basic macros in excel, but nothing on a professional level.
  • I studied Marketing, Operations Management, and Information Systems during my undergrad education.
  • For the past 2.5 years I have worked in market research at The NPD Group, and Foot Locker.
  • I will be living at home for the duration of DBC and will be commuting to Wall Street from Long Island. Overall it is about a 1.5 hour commute door to door. While I'm not crazy about the time I will spend on a train/subway it's financially the best move for me.