Dev Bootcamp Week 3

This past week marked the end of Phase 1 at Dev Bootcamp. The week started off reviewing database structures, primarily sqlite3, and postgreSQL, and then shifted to Active Record. As with most topics we have covered in the past, the first time I looked at active record I was overwhelmed and confused. It seemed that I was treading water as we worked through understanding the rake file, building out migrations, and handling the model and controller. However after about a day of being exposed to the different elements I began getting a stronger grasp on the material and seeing how simple active record makes setting up and managing a database in a rails environment.

Another main area we focused on this week was ‘rspec’ tests and continuing our learning of test driven development. While I see the benefit of designing tests in rspec I continue to fall back on my crutch of using puts, print, or ‘p’ to output data at various stages of my program to test the data that way. I know this is an area my code can use improvement and I will continue to implement rspec tests into my programs to build my learning. Additionally, I believe that once we shift our focus from output in the console to the web, my TDD methods will no longer be relevant and the rspec tests will be imperative to making sure my code is running properly.

By the end of the week we broke out into teams to build another project using everything we had learned over the last 3 weeks. Our team decided to build a reddit bot that would scan the most popular sub-reddits, go through the comments, and using the ‘gingerice’ gem, correct the grammar of the comments with the worst mistakes by sending the user their comment back with the grammar corrected. We gave it the (ironic) name ‘YourWrong’. While we are still working on getting the bot to reply back automatically, it was a great learning experience to see how to scrape data from the reddit site and make sense of the massive amount of data we had returned to us.

Tomorrow begins the next chapter of DBC, Phase 2. Our cohort will no longer be the only ones there, as the next cohort begins their Phase 1. It is amazing to see how much we have covered in only 3 weeks and it will be a great experience to share some of my leanings in helping the new students. I am looking forward to the next set of challenges and learning how I can implement what I have already been taught to begin building products on the web.